How to have Web Viewer talk to 2 LPARs
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How to have Web Viewer talk to 2 LPARs


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DRAS, CCITCP, and ENF all set up on two different LPARs with different IP addresses. We have one WebViewer server (Windows) currently talking to one of the LPARs. Can we connect the other LPAR to that same WebView server? and if so, how? 


Component: DVWEB


Web Viewer can access multiple repositories across LPARs, but it does not do it on its own. 
. . Web Viewer connects to a repository like CA View by going through CCIPC or CCIClient as installed on the same server as the Web Viewer, then through CCI on the mainframe, and then through DRAS. It's DRAS that calls into the repository and then sends back out to the Web Viewer through the same component path. 
. . The key component to accessing repositories across LPARs is CCI on the mainframe. At the very least, you must point your CCIPC/CCIClient on the Web Viewer server to a CCITCP STC on the mainframe. Doing that should get you to whichever DRAS Servers and repositories (CA Views, Bundl's and/or Dispatch's) are available on that mainframe/LPAR. 
. . When the CCITCP STC you identify is a part of a CCITCPGW (gateway) definition, that is when you may be able to discover CCITCP's and DRAS running on other LPARs. An example will help. 
. . You point CCIPC to CCITCP-A running on LPAR-A and that allows you to define folders representing whatever DRAS and CA View that also run in LAPR-A. Only when CCITCP-A is defined to a CCITCPGW which also has CCITCP-B defined to it, will you be able to define and access Web Viewer folders representing CA View and DRAS on LPAR-B. 
. . To define and configure a CCITCPGW, open a separate case with the CA Common Services / CCI Support Group. They are the experts on the Gateway and getting it going in a way that provides just the access you want across LPARs.