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Data Protection 15.2 - FIPS Advanced Encryption installation failure


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CA Security Command Center CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting


When installing CA Data Protection (DataMinder) 15.2 in FIPS Advanced Encryption mode the install fails with a Java exception: "java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError"


CA Data Protection 15.2


This issue occurs due to an internal coding error. 


FIX:RO97243 includes a complete set of installers required to install CA Data Protection in FIPS Advanced Encryption mode

Note: These installers should only be used for Advanced Encryption installations.


FIX:RO97243 is available to download from the CA Support Portal (

Additional Information

For more information on how to deploy CA Data Protection In Advanced Encryption Mode, please refer to the product documentation.


Orchestria, CA DLP and DataMinder are previous brand names for the product now known as CA Data Protection. For more information on product life cycles please refer to the link below: