Test case is not executing when staging to Service Running on VSE


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


Have a test case targeting a service deployed to my VSE running on an AWS Linux instance.

The service is running on Portal 3501.

An able to run in ITR from my local machine with no issue, but when I do a stage I get a timeout.

My VSM is customized to make a JDBC call to an Oracle database base.

I am also unable to execute my Request from SOAP UI. 


The port 3501 was not defined as an inbound rule on AWS.


DevTest running on AWS Linux.


The service is running on the VSE on port 3501.

Needed to create an Inbound Rule for port 3501 from AWS.

Once port 3501 was opened on AWS, was able to stage test case and also execute from SOAP UI targeting the Service running on he VSE.