What changes to USS were made in 12.2
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What changes to USS were made in 12.2


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What changes were made to 12.2 regarding USS?


Release: SLOPFC00200-12.2-NetMaster-File Transfer Management


All NetMaster releases up to R12.1

•UNIX support was provided out of the NMSSI

       •UNIX=YES  parm

•Runs as a subtask under NMSSI USERID
•Hit limitations of running a UNIX environment under a subtask.
•Conflicted with other NMSSI API’s that were in-use.

New r12.2 UNIX support

•Creates a new address space using IEESYSAS underneath the NetMaster Region.

•Within the guidelines of defined security it allows that address space to build its own UNIX environment without having to constrain the main NetMaster task.
        •Creation of IEESYSAS is controlled by security, ensure IEESYSAS security definitions are properly done.


Multiple security implementations can be utilized

•USERID level security – UNIX commands run under the NetMaster USERID that issued the command
       •PASSTICKET approach
       •BPX.DAEMON approach
       •SUPERUSER – UID(0)
•REGION level security – all UNIX commands run under the REGION Userid

Some Common Errors as experienced by customers

N2U301 UNIX Server initialization failed with code x’nnnnnn'

N2U304 UNIX Server attempting restart in 30 seconds

  Indicative of IEESYSAS address space creation failure. 

  Review System log/Job log for additional information
   SEE ALSO KB000112130 for potential solution

UTUSS004 UNIX command failed: UNIX call connect() RC=111 Reason=E3E2-0004

      RC 111 is Permission denied.

      User does not have access to directory

Debugging UNIX errors

•Create a $NMPARMS member in your TESTEXEC library
•Restart NetMaster, in SYSLOGD you will see LOTs of N5U077D messages

Additional Information

Additional information can be found in the Release Notes on DOCOPS.CA.COM.