Workstation not connecting Error connecting to the DevTest Registry


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


Was not able to connect to the Dev test registry . When tried to restart the servers got the following errors ./service/casv/DevTest_10.1/bin/BrokerService: line 80: /tmp/.install4j_casvadm: Read-only file system /service/casv/DevTest_10.1/bin/BrokerService: line 81: /tmp/.install4j_casvadm: Read-only file system chmod: cannot access `/tmp/.install4j_casvadm': No such file or directory


There was a glitch in all the SL servers which caused the Registry to error out


Component: ITKOTF


Diagnostic Findings:
None of your DevTest services are running. 

Your memory and disk space are fine on this machine. 

This had been running fine yesterday. but today this server, along with other servers, have been running very slow. 

We are unable to do a vi on any of the log files, when we try we are getting a 'Bus error", which seems to be something wrong with the hardware, where you are trying to access memory the CPU cannot access. 

We had to use filezilla to transfer the enterprisedashboard.log file to your mac machine to view and am seeing this error in the log: 

2018-04-02 23:45:08,624Z (23:45) [Agent Info Notifier] ERROR System.err - com.itko.jms.ResourceAllocationException: Usage Manager memory limit (358088704) reached. Stopping producer (ID:xjzxdis0110x-58469-1521239903289-0:2970:1:1) to prevent flooding topic:// See for more info  

The servers are back up.  There was a glitch in all the SL servers which caused the Registry to error out.

All is working.