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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


I see around various versions of CA DevTest in Product Download page for e.g.
1) CA LISA Service Virtualization for Performance MULTI-PLATFORM
2 ) CA LISA Service Virtualization MULTI-PLATFORM etc

May i know which Product I need to download to setup CA DevTest over server for virtualization and Service Automation ?

How to download linux version of the product ?


All Supported DevTest release and platforms


  • Logon to CA Support Online.
  • Choose Download Management.
  • Choose Product Downloads Available.
  • Scroll down page.
  • It will display a number of choices for the latest version.
  • Choose anyone of the DevTest (or LISA) choices.  
  • Choose the release you want from the Release drop down list box.  The only releases that are available to download is what is still supported. 
  • Download the Products you want.  NOTE: there are multiple pages to select from.
Each component will have in it's name the platform it is for and whether for 64-bit (X64) or 32-bit (X86).

Note: The Workstation is included with the Server software, you can choose to only to install the Workstation it if you want.

Downloading via Enhanced Download Manager is the current preference. 

If your company does not support this preference, click "Change Download Preference" link.

You can choose any one of the other download preferences.

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