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Error adding a new disk on the USM Monitoring tab


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES


In UMP/USM, I select a host, select the Monitoring tab, click the plus (+) sign under Disk(s), and a minute later I get the following error:

“A profile cannot be added because there are no more possible values for Available File Systems. Another possible explanation is the probe is disabled.”

This issue is occurring on a few hosts but NOT all hosts.


Some of the Monitoring profile types require data from probes.   Unified Service Manager (USM) must communicate directly with the probe on the robot to retrieve this data.  If there is a firewall between the Unified Management Portal (UMP) robot and the robot where the profile will be deploy and this robot is directly managed by the primary hub or a remote hub that is not connected to the UIM domain via a hub tunnel, then all UIM ports must be opened between these two robots.


UIM/UMP 8.4 and later


Open all UIM ports in the firewall between the UMP robot and all robots that are directly connected to the primary hub or remote hubs that are not connected to the UIM domain via a hub tunnel.

If the UMP robot is installed in a DMZ and opening the UIM ports in the firewall to all directly connected robots s is not feasible or possible, then the alternative is to configure the Enable Callback Proxy for Monitoring Configuration Service in the UMP USM portlet. 
This option allows USM to communicate with devices when firewalls are used in your environment.  Selecting this option allows the mon_config_service probe to act as a proxy for all callback requests.  Instructions for implementing this USM option can be found in the "(Optional) Advanced Configuration Service Options" of the "Monitoring Configuration Service" Wiki page found at the following link: