Using Spectrum model name in SOI alert queue
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Using Spectrum model name in SOI alert queue


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We would like to have the model name from Spectrum that populates SOI as the computer name be a filterable attribute in the alert queue. Presently in SOI, computer name is not a choice when editing an alert queue.


Component: SOIMGR


The "Model Name" attribute is not available when creating an Alert Queue. You can pass the 'Model Name' from the Spectrum Alerts to a 'User Attribute' value of an SOI alert which is an available attribute in the Alert Queue editor.

Here is an example of adding the Model Name to the User Attribute 5 value of the Alerts. You can use that attribute to create an Alert Queue.
1. Edit the \SOI\resources\Core\Catalogpolicy\spectrumim_policy.xml on the Spectrum connector machine. 

2. Go to the following section: 

<EventClass name="Alert"> 

3. In this section you will see a Parse section: 



Then a Format section: 


3. Add these lines right below the end of the Format section, it ends at </Format>: 


<Field output="userAttribute5" format="{0}" input="Model_Name" /> 


4. Now recycle the Spectrum connector. 

You should see the Model Name added to the User Attribute 5 in the Alerts that come in from Spectrum now.