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MSP: Unable to edit data in Text fields intermittently


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In the Microsoft Project (MSP) New Driver, intermittently unable to edit/delete/remove data in text fields / columns such as Text1, Text7, etc. This has been reproduced in MSP Standalone using the below steps:

Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Create a new project in MSP with one task 
  2. Go to the Project tab and click the 'Custom Fields' button 
  3. Select one of the Text fields (In this example, Text7) 
  4. Rename the field and click 'OK' 
  5. Add the Text7 column to the MSP view
  6. Add some text to the Text7 field (It is currently still editable)
  7. Go to File->Organizer->Fields and copy Text7 from the project to the Global.mpt
  8. Save the project as a XML file
  9. Close MSP 
  10. Reopen MSP and open the XML in MSP 
  11. Attempt to edit Text7 again for the task

Expected Results: Text7 is still editable

Actual Results: Text7 is not able to be edited


This issue applies to the MSP New Driver with Microsoft Project 2016.


This is due to a Microsoft Project issue, it is reproducible in Microsoft Project Standalone in Microsoft Project 2016 (It is not reproducible in Microsoft Project 2013 SP1). 


This issue is fixed as of the September 2017 Microsoft Project update September 5, 2017, update for Project 2016 (KB4011101) (and higher)


  1. Open the problem project in MSP and click the 'Project' tab 
  2. Click the 'Custom Fields' button 
  3. Click on field with the issue and click the 'Delete' button 
  4. Click 'OK' 


  • While this fix is in the September 2017 Microsoft Project update, it's recommended to upgrade to the latest supported Microsoft Project Update as updates are cumulative, and there have been additional defects included in the later updates.
  • This issue has also been seen in Click to run versions of MSP, where the same workaround as resolved the issue.
    • If you are seeing this as a repeated issue where the above steps don't resolve the issue, please contact Broadcom support for assistance.

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