Clearing AUDT disk
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Clearing AUDT disk


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VM:Secure for z/VM


VM:Secure’s Audit disk is 96% full.

VM:Secure’s Audit disk is 96% full and I’m not able to clear it using AUDITEXT.
vmsecure AUDITEXT 
VMXAUD1274I Normal completion. 
Ready; T=0.01/0.01 05:56:49  

AUDITEXT is supposed to reinitialize the AUDIT disk and write a copy of the audit file to the issuer's A-disk.
What am I missing?


Running VM:Secure in an SSI complex.


The VMSECURE AUDITEXT command moves the contents of the VMSECURE AUDIT file to your 191 minidisk (A-disk) and reinitializes the VM:Secure AUDT minidisk. 

However, if running in a SSI, there are Single-System Image Considerations. 

When the Single System Image feature is active, a VM:Secure server runs on each member system in the complex. Each of these servers generates an AUDIT file containing records specific to that member system. 

To extract the complete set of AUDIT files, a user ID authorized to issue the AUDITEXT command must log on to each member system and issue the AUDITEXT command with the LOCAL command prefix to capture the AUDIT file for that member system. 

Use the following command format:   VMSECURE LOCAL AUDITEXT 

Additional Information

To read more about VM:Secure's AUDITEXT command, go to: