Add VER to IDEAL commands after upgrade


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CA Ideal


Before we upgraded CA Ideal,we were able to run following commands without issue as below:

RUN myprogram

DIS USR myuser

Now we need to provide the version as below:

RUN myprogram VER PROD


Why do I need to add VER to the CA Ideal RUN and DIS statements after a CA Ideal upgrade?




Customer confirmed via DIS SES OPT that the options had not been carried forward to the upgraded CA Ideal environment. The problem was resolved onnce the VERSION was updated to PROD in the SESSION OPTIONS.

From CA Datacom Tools - 15.0 section "README for CA Ideal 15.0" at

z/OS New Install/Upgrade

Sites upgrading, may need to reset various options since the upgrade process will reset options to default values. Use the CA Ideal command PRINT SESSION OPTIONS to save a list of option values before the upgrade. Optionally, create a MEMBER to EXECUTE after the completed upgrade containing the commands to reset site options.

All published APARs for CA Ideal 15.0 should be applied after the SMP/E install and before executing the configuration steps. Please refer to to  download 15.0 solutions.

Additional Information

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