Compatibility concerns with CA COMMON SERVICES


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CA CIS CA Common Services for z/OS CA 90s Services CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS CA Common Product Services Component CA Common Services CA Datacom/AD CA ecoMeter Server Component FOC CA Easytrieve Report Generator for Common Services CA Infocai Maintenance CA IPC Unicenter CA-JCLCheck Common Component CA Mainframe VM Product Manager CA Chorus Software Manager CA On Demand Portal CA Service Desk Manager - Unified Self Service CA PAM Client for Linux for zSeries CA Mainframe Connector for Linux on System z CA Graphical Management Interface CA Web Administrator for Top Secret CA CA- Xpertware


I downloaded and applied about 62 fixes for common services in preparation for upgrading to z/OS 2.3 (including compatibility fixes). We should be mostly current on maintenance with Common Services. I was asked to find out if this could cause compatibility concerns, with other CA Solutions, that may or may not be current on maintenance. Do you know of anything that we need to check for?




There are no reported compatibility issues with CA COMMON SERVICES ((and any other CA SOLUTION(s))