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How to prevent inadvertently setting CA InterTest for CICS monitoring on an abending program from the Symdump for CICS source listing display.


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We had a production issue where InterTest for CICS monitoring was established on an application program which resulted in the program abending with INTE abends.  There are no indications in any logs of anyone using either CNTL or ITST to place monitoring on this program.  The only related activity was that someone was viewing the source listing display of this program while reviewing a transaction dump from Symdump.  This impacted our business since the function was no longer available until monitoring was removed.  

We would like to try to determine the cause and how to prevent monitoring from being set on a program outside of using either CNTL or ITST.     


CA InterTest for CICS and Symdump for CICS executing in a CICS region.


If Intertest is also active in the region, it is possible to set monitoring on a program when reviewing a transaction dump from the Symdump source listing display.  Monitoring will be set by pressing 'PF5 - Monitor' while viewing the source of the abending program.          


InterTest monitoring from Symdump is established via the SYMDINT keyword included in the Intertest options program, IN25OPTS.  The default setting of YES will allow a user to invoke CA InterTest for CICS functions for an abended program when viewing a source listing from SymDump for CICS.    

To override this default setting: 

  •   Change the default value of SYMDINT=YES to SYMDINT=NO
  •   Reassemble, and relink IN25OPTS

This will also remove the 'Monitor' value from the PF5 key on the Symdump source listing display.  

Additional Information

The IN25OPTS SYMDINT keyword is described in the: