Bad Templates Can Prevent Snmpcollector Start
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Bad Templates Can Prevent Snmpcollector Start


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


It is possible to prevent snmpcollector from starting by altering the contents of the templates directory.


Component: UIMSNC


As part of its startup process, snmpcollector finds, parses and runs the files it finds in the templates directory - .../Nimsoft/probes/network/snmpcollector/bulk_config/templates.  If any of these  are corrupt, or if files have been added to this directory snmpcollector will not get past this portion of its startup.

In the logs, the following messages can be seen:

Jul 25 10:04:36:784 [TemplateReconcile1, snmpcollector] Running Template Reconciliation
Jul 25 10:04:36:813 [Timer-1, snmpcollector] Generating Template Definition
Jul 25 10:04:37:809 [Thread-7, snmpcollector] TemplateSynchronizer: synchronizing templates begins
Jul 25 10:04:38:583 [Thread-7, snmpcollector] ERROR: TemplateSynchronizerThread caught Exception class com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimException Could not access template store at location: bulk_config/templates
Jul 25 10:04:38:584 [Thread-7, snmpcollector] (6) permission denied, Could not access template store at location: bulk_config/templates: Could not load snmp template: example_bad_template.txt


To resolve this,

1. Delete any non-template files and copy the template files from this directory. 

2. Delete the original template files and confirm snmpcollector can start. 

3. Then re-add the template files, one by one and confirm snmpcollector start between each addition.