No data in ADA Console
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No data in ADA Console


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA)


ADA is not processing any data from MTP machine.

There are errors processing data files in ADA Inspector logs:


2017-07-21 15:53:10,737 | Error | Exception while processing file index = 0: NetQoS.Inspector.Types.SAReaderException: D:\netqos\ADA\Datafiles\R1500203400_2-4-0.dat: Unexpected version 0 

at NetQoS.Inspector.Types.SuperAgentRunsData.Open(String filePath) 

at NetQoS.Inspector.Detector.SARunsData.Open(String filePath) 

at NetQoS.Inspector.Detector.SARunsCache.UpdateGroomingList(GroomList groomList, Int64 fileOffset, Boolean bIPv6) 

at NetQoS.Inspector.Detector.SARunsData.UpdateDatapumpMode(Boolean refreshObserved) 

at NetQoS.Inspector.Detector.SARunsData.Open(String filePath) 

at NetQoS.Inspector.Detector.SARunsCache.LoadFile(String filePath, FileResult& fileResult, ServerSamples serverSamples, ServerProbeFeedSummaryList serverProbeFeedSummaryList, ArrayList newServers, ArrayList newApps) 

at NetQoS.Inspector.Detector.SARunsCache.ProcessNextFile(ServerSamples& serverSamples, ServerProbeFeedSummaryList& serverProbeFeedSummaryList, ArrayList& newServers, ArrayList& newApps




ADA 10.4 through 10.6


ADA Console got struck processing files from MTP.



On ADA Console machine, delete the temporary data files in <InstallPath>\CA\DataFiles folder

Reboot ADA Console machine.

It should process data files properly now and the reports should be good.

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