Cluster Out of Sync Issues with PAM VMs
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Cluster Out of Sync Issues with PAM VMs


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


PAM is deployed in VMware and Out of Sync occurrences are being seen, sometimes repetitively.


CA PAM is deployed in VMware. The problem seems to be limited to 2.8.2, and 3.2.2 so far. Be aware that not all PAM VMs seem to be susceptible to this problem.


The cause of the problem seems to be the use of a different libcurl library in the PAM ova than is used in a Physical appliance and the PAM AMI.


Engineering is working on a permanent fix.  For now, Support can correct this problem by removing the link pointing to the incorrect libcurl library and pointing to the correct library.

Additional Information

Applying the fix manually requires the installation of the PAM SSH Debug patch and enabling Remote Diagnostic Services.  With this done it is possible to make an ssh connection, typically done with Putty, using the ppk file provided with the SSH Debug patch.  Support will then be able to login to PAM via ssh, after you share your desktop in a Webex session.  During this session, Support will apply the commands that will resolve the problem.  Engineering is working on a fix to correct this issue permannenttly.