Test Case Fails When Deployed to Linux


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I have a test case that utilizes a JavaScript step file in my project that runs fine locally, but fails when deployed on Linux servers: 

javax.script.ScriptException: TypeError: Cannot load script from {{LISA_RELATIVE_PROJ_ROOT}}/Data/myJSfileExtract1.js in <eval> at line number 9

at jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.NashornScriptEngine.throwAsScriptException(NashornScriptEngine.java:467) 

at jdk.nashorn.api.scripting.NashornScriptEngine.evalImpl(NashornScriptEngine.java:451) 


1. The custom jar files you are using with this test case were not in /hotDeploy, they were in the DEVTEST_HOME/lib folder. 

2. All custom jar files should be in your DEVTEST_HOME/hotDeploy folder. 

3. All 3rd party jar files (not overlaying anything we deliver) should be in your DEVTEST_HOME/lib/shared folder. 


All Supported DevTest releases on Linux.


Once your custom jar files this test needed were move from DEVTEST_HOME/lib to DEVTEST_HOME/lib/shared, the issue was resolved.