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DevTest - How to Backup Configuration


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


You may want to backup your DevTest environment for many reasons. Only a few files need to be backed up to save your configuration.
Note: This procedure is intended for backup and restore within the same version of DevTest. Do not copy files from one version of DevTest to another. 
Please open a support ticket is you have questions.


All supported DevTest environments.


To save your current DevTest configuration, back up the following files and directories:
  • Files located in the DevTest_Home directory:
    • *.properties
    • *.xml 
  • Files located in the DevTest_Home/bin directory:
    • *.vmoptions
  • Directories located in the DevTest_Home directory:
    • HotDeploy
    • vseDeploy
    • CVSMonitor