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Why am i receiving the error: "DBG550I9I DB2 location not known to CA SYSVIEW for DB2" in a 3-way sysplex environment trying to communicate via RAF?


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We have a 3-way sysplex with data sharing.  I can get into SYSVDB2 locally on two systems, but attempting to communicate to a remote DC via RAF I receive the error: "DBG550I9I DB2 location not known to CA SYSVIEW for DB2". All three systems are running off of the same libraries due to shared dasd. 


The cause of the problem was that there lacked valid hardware paths between the LPARs.


Component: IDB2


The SYSVWDB2 (IDB2) DC Applid's need to be defined correctly (as illustrated in the RAFDCAPP .Source member).  Also, a correct setup for the LOGMODE along with valid hardware paths between the machines (LPARS) need to be in place to allow for RAF to function properly.