System Status displays incorrect high memory usage
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System Status displays incorrect high memory usage


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


The memory usage warning in the NFA ->Admin-> System Status page for all Windows 2012 Servers, does NOT match the memory usage seen when looking directly at task Manager on each 2012 server.
This is creating false, bogus memory threshold alerts via Watchdog. 

For example: On the Administration tab, the Watchdog shows memory utilization is significantly higher than the actual value. The watchdog is displaying 73% whereas the actual value on the server is 23%.


Windows 2012, NFA Release 9.3.3.


Because it was found that Windows Server 2012 uses different OID's to calculate memory.


CA updated the watchdog process to use physical memory instead of virtual memory for the utilization calculation.

This issue is fixed in the current release of NFA version 9.3.8.

If raising a case with CA, please reference defect DE257659 - NFA 9.3.3 False positives.

Additional Information

For details of release notes, fixed issues and upgrade details for NFA 9.3.8, please see;







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