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Only One Predecessor Task Is Exported From CA PPM To Microsoft Project


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


CA PPM just is exporting the first dependency to MSP predecessor's column when Windows regional setting to some non-English languages (New Driver). This issue has been originally reported for Portuguese language, but might apply to other languages as well.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to Home > Projects
  2. Choose a project with dependencies on its tasks
  3. Export the project to Microsoft Project

Expected Result: The CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface exports all Predecessor and Successor tasks to Microsoft Project

Actual Result: Not all dependencies are exported to Microsoft Project


This issue has been reported to Sustaining Engineering as DE33307.


CA PPM v14.4, 15.1 and v15.2.


This issue is closely related to DE30476/CLRT-80614. Fixes for both defects are included in CA PPM v14.4 patch 8, v15.1 patch 5 and v15.2 patch 1 and v15.3.

To reduce unexpected behavior or errors, set the same language in your integrated applications. For example, set the same language and regional settings in Microsoft Project, the MSP interface connector, Microsoft Windows, and CA PPM.