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APPLYPTF errors when applying asset viewer patch RO86179 onto our CA Asset Portfolio Management server


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When we try to apply the .jcl for the asset viewer patch RO86179 to our CA Asset Portfolio Management application server, we receive the error: 

That Product component is not installed on that node.    

Our AMS application is installed on the APM application server.  The same error occurs if we use APPLYPTF or the APPLYPTF64.exe program. 


CA Asset Portfolio Management 14.1, any patch level


The registry entries for the existing AMS product do not exist on the server to identify the AMS install path. 

They need to be added. 


Review the RO86179.D5G patch notes for special instructions when applying this patch to your APM server(s): 

1.  Open the ams_regedit.bat file and verify or change the AMS install path. 

     Example:  AMS Installation Path = "C:\Program Files\CA\SharedComponents\AMS\Tomcat"

2. Run the ams_regedit.bat file to add the proper registry entries

3. Run the APPLYPTF (NOT the 64 bit version) again to apply the AMS patch RO86179