"Error on command: sethub" is displayed in IM when moving servers between hubs


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While moving servers between hubs in a tunneled environment using Infrastructure Manager > right click robot name > Move... and selecting the destination hub you might receive an error:


Error occurred when moving robot 'robot name'


The below message is also logged in IM:


Error on command: sethub


Because the connection between the hubs is restricted to the tunnel, the robots under the source hub are unable to reach the target hub, thus the 'Move' feature will not work.


Tunneled UIM environment
UIM 8.51


These are some alternatives to moving robots in a tunneled environment, use the most appropriate according to your environment and requirements:

  • check the option 'Use DNS Lookup' and enter the destination hub name in the 'DNS Name' field;
  • create a temporary entry for Static Hubs under the Name Services tab of the source hub with the address of the target hub. Delete this entry after the move process is complete.