Domain Manager communication problem between EM and directly connected Agents


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Domain Manager communication problems.

Creating different problems such as for example :

Software Signature Validation failed, Collecting Hardware and Software Inventory,DTS transfer use legacy port 8222 instead of expected 4728,Software Delivery Job didn't report back 'output' result

Apparently  Domain Manager result reachable as per CA Client Automation troubleshooting:

See Tecdoc




Possible corruption of PMUX files configuration :

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\Csam\SockAdapter\cfg

Port Multiplexor: This is the ITCM component known as the "Secure Socket Adapter" and is listed as the "CA Connection Broker" in the services.msc snap-in. 

It's also commonly referred to as CSAM, short for CSAMPMUX.  


Client Automation 12.9 14.0 14.0 SP1


1-  caf stop 

2 - stop "CA_SAM-Pmux" from Services 

3 - locate C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\Csam\SockAdapter\cfg

     rename/save files "APPF-GLOBAL" and "APPF-GLOBAL-4105" 

4 - copy "APPF-GLOBAL" and "APPF-GLOBAL-4105" from working DM start 

5 - "CA_SAM-Pmux" from Services caf start