The alignment is off for Timesheets in the PPM New UX


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In using timesheets in the PPM New User Experience (UX), the column fields that contain the amount of hours spent working on a task do not appear to align correctly with the day those hours were worked. The Total column field for these tasks also seem to be misaligned with the Total column header. 

When this happens, we sometimes also see the following

  • The total hours worked on a task for the week seem to be miscalculated and incorrect
  • The total hours for a task for the week may appear to not be calculated at all, so the total hours for the row is blank
  • It seems at times that the total hours for the task are instead being placed on the next below row of the next task

The below image displays how the timesheet can be misaligned with this occurs

<Please see attached file for image>



1. Create a Timesheet with multiple tasks (5 or more) 
2. Delete the 2nd task in the new UX
3. Add time against the 2nd task 

Expected Results: The time will show on the same row under total 

Actual Results: The Total time will show on the row for the task below where it should be


This is caused by defect DE35392.


This affects versions of PPM 15.1 and 15.2, when using the timesheets section of the New UX.


The resolution for this defect has been targeted for PPM 15.3.


The incorrect alignment can be corrected by logging out and logging back into the application.


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