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Inconsistencies seen in CSV export of JasperSoft reports.


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CA Spectrum


When I make an alarm group report and export to csv, we see inconsistencies in formatting, that we cannot script and automate.

1. extra commas,,, 

2. spaces on 1 line that are not on the other. 

3. the date format does not zero fill all single digits e.g. 05/2/2017 instead of 05/02/2017 causing a difference with 05/30/2017 

however it does zero fill leading numbers 05/2/2017 


There are formatting differences between the two products. There is also a bug in the Jaspersoft reports that causes the data to not align with the column headers.


Spectrum 10.x with Jasper 6.3


To fix the column headers for Spectrum 10.2 and Jaspersoft 6.3 please request the following fix from CA Spectrum Support:


To fix the column headers for Spectrum 10.2.1 and Jaspersoft 6.3 please request the following fix from CA Spectrum Support:


To cause the Jaspersoft CSV export format to match that of BOXI's with no additional column headers or page breaks please follow these steps:

On the JasperSoft server make a backup copy of the $BOINST\CA Business Intelligence\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\WEB-INF\classes\ file.

Once the file has been backed up please edit the original

Add the following properties to the********** 




Once these changes have been made please save the file. 

Restart the Apache Tomcat server.  Test the reports with the export.