DevTest Portal not coming up after DevTest upgrade.


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) CA Service Virtualization (DevTest / LISA / VSE / Application Test)


The DevTest Portal is not starting after we upgraded DevTest to 10.1 release.

The Portal log files are not being generated under $lisatmp_dir.


The LISA_HOME environment variable was set to a different directory that was not the location where DevTest was installed.

When starting the Portal ($LISA_HOME/bin/Portal), the first message shows what is the LISA_HOME variable value.

The Portal looks for inside the LISA_HOME and throws the exception below when it doesn't find it:

Warning! Logging configuration file "$LISA_HOME"/ does not exist or is not readable!

Where $LISA_HOME is the environment variable value.


DevTest on release 10.1.


Set LISA_HOME environment variable to point to the location where DevTest is installed.