How to prevent EEM to switch languages based on localization


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We would like to prevent automated switch of language in EEM User Interface.
It looks like in default setup, language in which EEM is opened after log in as EiamAdmin is taken from some localization setup of computer from which you are accessing.
For example English speaking user located in Switzerland who is accessing EEM sees everything in German.
Probably because his laptop has some German localization settings.
The same EEM console opens in English for EiamAdmin user when opened on computer located in UK.
How we can force EEM to open in English?
There seems to be no clear option to switch language for EiamAdmin user and force it to English.


This  behavior is related to the Internet Browser options.


EEM 12.51 Release


The encountered behavior is related to the Internet “Browser” options.
The recommended solution is to proceed by the following steps:
1. Open the Internet Option.
2. Click the "Advanced" Tab, click the “Language” button.
3. Add the "English(US)[en-US]" by clicking the “Add” button.
4. Click the added "English(US)[en-US]" and click “UP” button to locate it at the Top of the list.
5. Click “OK” to close the dialog.
6. Click OK to close the Internet Option.
7. Check the EEM Admin UI login screen to make sure the language is changed to English.
Problem resolved by applying the recommended solution.

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