View list of VSE's available in Reporting
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View list of VSE's available in Reporting


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


How to view the list all available VSE's  and  the list of VSM's deployed to each VSE from the Portal Console. 

Assuming VSM's are deployed to respective  VSE's.  


All supported DevTest releases and platforms.




In the Portal Console select the Reporting menu item followed by-> Virtual Service Metrics ->Virtual Service Forced delay or any VSE Metrics listed.

Click on the "Set search duration" Icon (blue pen /edit icon) on the top right  under Time Range. ‚Äč

Now, Click on any Pre-defined time , like  30 days 

Click on the "Set Search Duration" Icon again.  

It will list the available Virtual Service Environment in alphabetical order and the available Virtual Service in alphabetical order for the corresponding VSE.  


To customize the Date or Time Range, click on the " Set Search  duration" icon,  and enter the From and To  time/date range. 
Click the Set Icon, and click Apply at the end to apply the changes.  The Metric chart will be generated for Time frame selected.  


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