Copycat 813-04 & 613-1C Error
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Copycat 813-04 & 613-1C Error


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CA 1 Flexible Storage CA 1 Tape Management - Copycat Utility CA 1 Tape Management - Add-On Options


I was trying to copy some old tapes into new VTS tape ranges. Many of them are failing with an 831-04 error and some are failing with a 613-1C error. Could you please let us know what our next steps need to be to fix this issue? 




Looking at the IEC147I 613-1C, you can see the IBM modules listed and information that the tape is needed in library XXXXXXXX. For the IEC149I 813-04 message, it is also not issued by CA 1. When you look up the message, it comes from IBM and not CA and states the DSN does not match. Neither of these errors are a problem coming from CA 1 and it is advised you follow up with IBM.

Additional Information

IEC149I 813-04 is issued by IBM.
IEC147I 613-1C is issued by IBM.