CAPC Upgrade Failure


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After upgrading to 3.5 the following is seen when you try to go to the CAPC login page.  "The application associated with this instance of Single Sign-On does not appear to be running"

In the Performance_Center_SSO_Install_<data> install log you see the following warning

Move Folder: Destination: /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter/sso.backup 
Status: WARNING 
Additional Notes: WARNING - Source /opt/CA/tmp_install/######.tmp does not exist. 


The install attempts to move cacerts to a directory that does not exist


3.5 with SSL


Rename the backed up cacerts in /opt/CA/jre/lib/security.  Ex. mv cacerts_10062017.bak cacerts and then restart CAPC services with the following commands:


service caperfcenter_console stop 

service caperfcenter_eventmanager stop 

service caperfcenter_sso stop 

service caperfcenter_devicemanager stop 


service caperfcenter_devicemanager start 

service caperfcenter_sso start 

service caperfcenter_eventmanager start 

servicecaperfcenter_console start