Cannot start CALDAP server
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Cannot start CALDAP server


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CA LDAP Server does not  start - how can I find out what caused the problem


Component: LDAPDV


When there are problems with the startup, the first place to start is with the STDERR file.
Make sure you start the Server with the DEBUG=ANY parameter - this will give the most diagnostic information.
The first thing to check is the last parameter that is specified in the STDERR file - just before the shutdown.
An example statement could be something like this.

line 146 (suffix             "host=SYSTEMA.CA.COM,o=CA,c=us")

If this was the last parameter referenced from slapd.conf then it would mean that there was most probably
a problem with the suffix parameter. (in this instance there were two SUFFIX statements and they both had the same host definition).

It could be a problem with ANY parameter that is in slapd.conf.
Start by reviewing each parameter in slapd.conf.
Make sure that all parameters are valid
Make sure each parameter shows in stderr - if not - it could be that the parameter is not starting in the first
column and is therefore a  comment.

If you see a problem with any of the parameters - make any necessary changes and restart the ldap server.