Would like to use a 6 MB .xlsx file for a Data Driven response


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


I have a business requirement to use a .xlsx file that is approximately 6 MB in size with a data driven virtual service.

 know as per the documentation that you will get performance issues if the following are greater than these values with both Excel files and CSV files as the data set. Excel files can scale to about 3 MB. CSV files can scale to about 15 MB.

Is there any suggestions on how we can use a 6 MB dataset with a data driven virtual service?


Component: ITKOVS


At this time you cannot use an Excel dataset larger than 3MB with DevTest without it causing an issue.

If you have a 3MB dataset you would only be able to convert it to a CSV file and make sure is does not go over 15 MB.

I suggest you open an Idea on the DevTest Communities website for a feature enhancement.

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