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OWB Changes Start and Finish Dates for a Project/Team Member


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Project Start/Fnish dates are changing to the earliest task Start/Finish dates, and team member allocations change accordingly when saving a project back to PPM from Open Workbench (OWB)

Steps to Reproduce:

1. In PPM, create a project with a Start date of 8/1/2017 and Finish date of 8/1/2018

2. Add a team member to the project (The resource’s Start/Finish date default to the Start/Finish date of the project)

3. Add a task with a Start Date of 9/1/2017 and a Finish Date of 6/29/2018

4. Assign the team member to the task

5. Open the project in OWB 

Note: You can see that the project dates in OWB have been changed to the task’s dates by looking at the Project Scheduling information in OWB:

  • In OWB, click the ‘File’ icon in the top left hand corner (circle icon)
  • Select ‘Project Properties’ and click on the Scheduling tab


6. Save the project back to PPM 

7. View the Project Start and Finish Dates

Expected Results: Project Start and Finish Dates remain as what was set in Step 1.

Actual Results: Project Start and Finish Dates have changed to the earliest Task Start and Finish Dates.

Additionally, if you look at the Team tab, the resources's Start/Finish dates have been changed to the earliest Task Start and Finish dates as well.


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


This is working as designed see resolution for more details. 


This was reviewed as issue CLRT-79875 and is working as designed. In order to keep Project Start/Finish dates (and thus team member start / finish dates from changing) when working with OWB, the Start Imposed and Finish Imposed dates have to be set on the project. OWB will set the project start date to be the earliest task start date and the project finish date to be the latest task finish date. 

To set Imposed dates:

You can add the Start Imposed and Finish Imposed fields to the project list to set the dates for the project if these fields aren't displayed by default on any of the project's subpages. 

Another option to avoid this issue would be to have an effort task on the project. This issue won't occur if there is an effort task on the project since it will span from the Start to Finish of the project. 

Additional Information

Reference OWB: Schedule Projects in Open Workbench for more information on Imposed dates and other OWB scheduling information.