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Account ACL "account administration" removes mcs group


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When removing the ACL permission "account administration" for end users accounts, this removes also the MCS group "setup cdm".
This is totally unexpected and illogical, because this group is needed in the customization/utilization of MCS.
Is this a known problem? 


UIM 8.5.1 in w2012r2 with mssql MCS 8.51hf1


This is a known defect which will be addressed in a future patch or service pack for UIM.
Reference defect: DE349489 

As an interim solution, please run the following SQL against the UIM database or schema:
Update SSRV2Template set acl='USM Monitoring Configuration Service' where acl='Account Administration'; 

Please restart the probe: mon_config_service on the primary hub. 

Now, monitoring users will be able to see the additional "Setup" under Monitoring (as long as the package was previously downloaded to the archive.

Additional Information

Alternate solution for sites with the "Out of the Box" cdm 6.30 probe and MCS 8.51hf1
Please see attached file: "Setup cdm-1.41.xml"
Below are steps to deploy it. 
1. copy the template to Nimsoft Installed dir folder-> probes-> service->mon_config_service->templates. 
2. The template will automatically moved to "processed" folder 3. Open "probe utility" for "mon_config_service" probe. 
4. Run callback "activate_template" 
5. pass the following arguments "template_name" = "Setup cdm" "template_version" = "1.41" 


1558535951899Setup_cdm-1.41.xml get_app