Configuring OM Web Viewer 11.5 for TLS V1.2
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Configuring OM Web Viewer 11.5 for TLS V1.2


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Output Management Web Viewer


How to Configure Web Viewer 11.5 for the TLS v1.2 protocol.  Both the mainframe and the Windows side must be upgraded and configured.  


Release:  Output Management Web Viewer 11.5
Component: DVWEB

Common Services


Download and set up for TLSV1.2 can be accomplished by following these instructions from the Common Components and Services for z/OS 15.0 online documentation:  Use TLS Communication Links

For detailed information on the distributed side, please review the steps in the Common Components Services Guide at: 

Load CAICCI on the Client Platform:


- You will need one copy on the Web Viewer server, even though it says you need to put it on every workstation.

-Install CAICCI/PC by downloading CAW0OPTN member CCIPCS32 - you need the 32 bit version.

Configure CCIPC


Additional Information

This is not directly related to TLS V1.2 but to make sure you have all available maintenance for vulnerabilities, please apply :

RO97315 R11.5 SP00 LEVEL SET #4