Alerts from the ntevl probe with Japanese characters
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Alerts from the ntevl probe with Japanese characters


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Alarms created from the "ntevl" probe on a Japanese locale Windows robot are not appearing correctly in the UMP.
Rather than displaying the Japanese characters, the characters are replaced with odd characters.
For example:


UIM 8.x / 9.x / 20.x
ntevl probe 4.31 on a Windows robot with Japanese language installed.


The settings for UIM may not be correct.


1- The ntevl probe robot needs a supported version of Windows with the Japanese language installed. 
2- The nas probe needs: "Activate support for internationalization."



3- In the configuration for the "ntevl" probe, set: 

"Output Encoding" to UTF-8 
"System Encoding" to "Shift_JIS" 


Alarms should now appear correctly. 

Additional Information

This scenario does not work if you have modified something on "out of the box" alert message body in ntevl probe.
If message body is customized, probe does not produce "i18n_token" value for the alert.
UMP runs character conversion (for alert) through "i18n_token" - so please do not customize alert message body.