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Garbled character in the returned message of the capam_command.


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


When the capam_command is run on Windows Japanese version, the returned message shows with the garbled character. The capam_command returns the message by UTF-8 as a design but the command prompt on the Windows Japanese version tries to show it as Shift-JIS. Hence, this problem occurs.

C:\work\PAM\CAPAM_3.1.1\RemoteCLI>capam_command.bat adminUserID=super capam=<IP address> cmdName=getServiceStatus
Enter password:
PAM-CM-0664: 辟。蜉ケ縺ェ繧ソ繝シ繧イ繝・ヨ 繧オ繝シ繝舌′謖・ョ壹&繧後※縺・∪縺吶€・Target server id invalid


Component: CAPAMX


In order to see the returned Japanese message, it is possilble to use one of the below method.
  • Open the command prompt by the 【cmd /K "chcp 65001"】, and run the capam_command.
  • Redirect the result of the command to the file, and open it by the editor that can read the UTF-8 characters.