Unable to bring up hserver
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Unable to bring up hserver


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


When we upgraded from SCM v12.6 to SCM v13.0 we did the following:
1. Uninstalled SCM v12.6
2. Installed and configured SCM V13.0 Server
3. Installed SCM v13.0 client

After this we were unable to bring up the hserver service.


Component: CCCHV


To find out the source of the problem, we first checked Task Manager to confirm "bkrd.exe" and "rtserver.exe" processes were running.

We opened a command prompt window and executed:

 "hserver -verbose"

Hserver gave the error that the LDAP credentails were incorrect. We checked the "HServer.arg" file to find out the name of the encrypted password file containing the LDAP credentials and learned the file was named "hserverauth.dfo"

So we executed "svrenc -f hserverauth.dfo" and entered the correct credentials for LDAP to rebuild the encrypted password file.

After that the hserver service was able to start with no further problems.