How do I enable debug logging for wasp?
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How do I enable debug logging for wasp?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In this document, we shall be discussing the procedure to enable debug logging for wasp (Web Application Server Probe), the intention to familiarize with debugging wasp is to understand and troubleshoot issues, like for example, UMP Portal does not load (or) the Admin Console Page does not load, wasp does not pick port number, etc. 

How do I enable debug logging for wasp?


CA UIM release 8.51 running on Windows Platform

We would be discussing the procedure to enable debug by logging into Admin Console


  • Log into the Admin Console,
  • Select the correct Hub:
  • Click on Robots, from the Robot list, select the UMP Robot:
  • Click on Probes, search for wasp:
  • Click on the inline menu button ( ):
  • Click on the Configure option:
  • Under Logging, Log Level, set the log level (for debugging, usually set to 3):
  • Change the Log Size to a higher value, in this example, we will set it to 5192 kilobytes:
  • Click on Save on the top right corner to save the changes:
  • You should now see the saving message followed by a Success message:

  • Now, recreate the problem you are facing. Either review the probe log file, for further information on how to view the probe log file, please click here (or) review the wasp.log file on the UMP Robot box wasp folder, usual path would be C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp for errors. You could also review the below files from the same path for further clues:
    1. wasp.log
    2. _wasp.log (if the file exists)
    3. portal.log
    4. portal.log.1 (if the file exists)
    5. wasp.cfg