Auditing - can get what role assigned to user from DB?
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Auditing - can get what role assigned to user from DB?


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To facilitate internal reporting requirements I would like to report on users in CA Web Viewer - including roles assigned to the user. We hold our configuration data in DB2 - I can query all tables -- but I cannot find anywhere a table field containing role.

As an example - a User who is showing as having role "System Admin" from the CA Web Viewer screen "Repository-role-Profile-User" screen - but what table can I query to find this assigned role for this user ? Queries run so far; but cannot find where this would be stored ?" 00001 set schema WEBVIEW; 00002 select * from PROFILE; 00003 select * from USEROBJ; 00005 select * from USERCONFIGURATION; 00006 select * from USERCREDENTIAL; 00007 select * from AUDITLOG; 00008 select * from DATASOURCE; 00009 select * from DS_ROLE; 00010 select * from PROFILE; 00011 select * from ROLE_USER; 00012 select * from WEBSTATICS; 00013 select * from SUBSCRIPTION;


Component: WBVLUW


The roles are defined in table "rolObj".
Alternatively, it probably easier to use the Web Web Viewer utility to Export Users. You should be able to pull the Role information you want from the resulting XML file.