ITPAM Load balancing is failing when the second server is configured


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In a ITPAM configured with load balancing, when 2 servers are configured, up and running, the processes stop processing and go to QUEUED state.
If customer removes the server "2" specifically, the processes start executing.


In this specific case, the problem was in the Network side.
Customer has multiple NICs in both ITPAM server.
WhenĀ pings the Server1, the correct IP address is returned, however, when he pings the Server2, the IP from backup NIC is returned.
This behavior in Server2 is causing the problem


ITPAM 4.3 SP1 HF01 or later
Load Balancer Apache


At the Network configuration side, adjust the correct order in the NICs configuration in the Server2, so that when he pings the Server2 name, the correct IP address is returned.
Restart the ITPAM services in both Servers