AUDIT disk failure causing SDC004 abend
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AUDIT disk failure causing SDC004 abend


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VM:Tape for z/VM


AUDIT disk failure causing VM:Tape SDC004 abend

This is a CMS TMC that is shared with another VMTAPE; shared TMC and Audit. 
I’ve increased the size of the Audit/1D0 disk.   What else do I need to do?


Shared TMC and Audit. 


 If running with a shared TMC, you will need to increase the size of the AUDIT and also run the VMTSDF utility. 
VM:Tape abended with a SDC004 because a permanent I/O error occurred during access of the control area of a shared minidisk.
The permanent I/O error occurred while VM:Tape was trying to read or write a lock record using the Shared Disk facility.
Any time the size of your TMC or Audit minidisk is changed, you must first use the CMS FORMAT command with the RECOMP option, and then rerun the VMTSDF utility.
These actions reformat the recomped area of the minidisk. 

If you don’t have a shared TMC and Audit,  you just need to increase the size of the Audit minidisk (1D0). 

First, make a copy of the current Audit file, VMTAPE AUDIT, so you can copy it back over once the disk size has been increased (or use a backup copy). 

If you're not concerned with the audit data itself, no need to copy back over but you will have to prepare the disk by running VMTBUILD. 

When the Audit file is first created, it contains only one record, a control record. The Audit file expands dynamically as audit records are created. 

To create an Audit file, use the VMTBUILD utility. 

Also, a best practice is to use the VMTBKP utility to back up the TMC and Audit files. Backing up the TMC and Audit files protects against data loss if there are DASD hardware failures that could destroy those files.  The VMTBKP utility also re-initializes the Audit file, thereby preventing the disk from filling.