combo_name with a blank in first_name doesnt work with bop_odump


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bop_odump domsrvr cnt "combo_name like 'Boss, Hugo Egon'" userid 

doesn't return the wanted result because bop_odump seems to have problems with blank in first_name. 

The same problem can be found with Web Service calls.


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1
CA Service Desk Manager 17.1


Internally our code is treating a space as a separator for the combo name. If the first name contains the space, it is treating the word before the space as ‘first_name’(Hugo) and the word after space as ‘middle_name’(Egon). But if we check database we do only have ‘First Name’(Hugo Egon) and ‘Last Name’(Boss) there is no ‘Middle Name’. That’s the reason why we are not able to find the contact and it is displaying ‘0 results’.

This scenario is not a bug, it is as designed. We do not support querying on local variables(like combo_name).