Problem of the viewing permission of the page changed after applying Portal v3.5 CR6


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After upgrading to CR 6, the security setting of the page content has changed

Reproduction procedure:

01. Login CMS 
02. Select staging
03. Selct Pages -> Add New Page
04. Set each item and save.
05. Select the section -> Properties
06. Select Security tab
07. Check the View in target role and uncheck View in "All Users".
08. Upgrede to CR6
09. Longin CMS and select staging -> the target page -> select the section -> Properties -> select Security tab
101. "View permission of All Users" is enable.

"View permission of All Users" is re-checked when C6 is applied.
It seems it is a bug of CR6.


API Portal  doesn't support having the content of the page having different security than the page. 
That is because security was synchronized.

The system was designed to keep the security of the page's content items in sync with the security of the page but it was not implemented correctly. This error was only discovered in CR5 so the decision was made to correct the behaviour in CR6. We provided a mechanism to disable this behaviour for certain Page Templates which the customer is able to take advantage of.


API Portal 3.5 CR6


Workaround: Do the following before applying CR 6. 

01. Login to CMS. 
02. Select Administration Tools -> Plugin Administration -> Site Builder. 
03. Click "Edit Setting" button. 
04. Paste the following immediately after the last <Property>in Text Editor - sitebuilder-conf.xml. 
  <Property name="pageRuleGeneratorFolderSecurityPageTemplateException" value=".*" /> 
05. Clisk "Save" Button. 

Apply CR6 after the above is completed.