Policy validation processing does not end


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When loading (opening, importing, etc.) Policy on Policy Manager, the state of "Validating policy" may last for a very long time.
In addition, the Policy Manager can not load and it may hang.


In the API Gateway, Policy is validated (Validate) at the time of loading (opening, importing etc) of Policy.
When there are too many items in Policy, Validate takes a long time (or hangs) event.

In the case of reading multiple policy fragments, it takes a very long time because each fragment included is validated separately each time it is used.


API Gateway 8.3, 9.3
The service has about 90 items.


​• If there are many items defined in Policy, please disable Validate of PolicyManager.
        Select  [file] ->  [Preferences] of the Menu
        Uncheck "Policy Validation Feedback" in [Preferences]
        Add check "Policy Validation Feedback" again if it is necessary to verify with another policy etc.

• If more than one policy fragment is used, replace the policy fragment with the encapsulated assertion