Filtered Detailed Poll Logging
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Filtered Detailed Poll Logging


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


How to setup filtered detailed poll logging


Any version of CAPM


Detailed Poll Logging is used to validate that the data you are seeing in a dashboard matches the raw data we are getting when we poll a device.

Acquire Preliminary Information:


  1. Acquire the device's IP Address and the Interface in question's name via the Device/Interface page in Performance Center.


  1. Access Administration > Monitored items Management > Monitored Devices > Lookup the device and in the details tab, take note of the IP Domain the device is a part of


  1. In the Polled Metric Families tab of the same section, navigate down to find the Interface Metric family and click on the certification that is assigned (likely High Speed Interface)


  1. Search for the Discards out metric in the right and check what SNMP Object is listed (generally IfOutDiscards)




Using DCDEBUG to obtain raw polled values:


  1. Access DCDEBUG in a new browser tab: http://DAhostname:8581/dcdebug


  1. Enter the IP Address and IP Domain of the device in question, click the radio button next to Polling Configuration by IP then click "View Data" at the bottom


  1. Navigate down until you find the line:


If using the Interface Vendor Certification:


Certification Facet Type={}IfTableMib

If using the High Speed Interface Vendor Certification


Certification Facet Type={}IfXTableMib

  1. Within this section, find your interface and record the Item ID and Index of it. For example, I am looking for Fa0/0.1 so will record Item ID 65434 and Index 8:


Polling Config Item ID=99212

Poll Group ID=5219

Normalized Facet Type={}NormalizedPortInfo

Certification Facet Type={}IfTableMib


Polled Items(8)

Item ID=65430, Name=Se0/0/0, Index List={[1]}

Item ID=65431, Name=Se0/1/0, Index List={[2]}

Item ID=65432, Name=Fa0/0, Index List={[3]}

Item ID=65433, Name=Fa0/1, Index List={[4]}

Item ID=65434, Name=Fa0/0.1, Index List={[8]}

Item ID=65435, Name=Fa0/0.729, Index List={[9]}

Item ID=65436, Name=Mu1, Index List={[10]}

Item ID=65437, Name=Se0/2/0, Index List={[11]}

  1. Go back to the DCDEBUG main page, and click the Enable/Disable link to the right of Detailed Poll Logging by IP


  1. Enter the IP Address & IP Domain if necessary and also, change Filtering to ItemIDs, and in the new ID List box, enter the Item ID from step 4. Click Enable Logging


  1. Back on the DCDEBUG main page, enter the IP Address & IP Domain if necessary and click the radio button to the left of Detailed Poll Logging by IP and click the "View Data" button, or hit Download as zip to save the data.