Tomcat service - High Memory in Use in Windows 2012 R2
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Tomcat service - High Memory in Use in Windows 2012 R2


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


There is a high memory in use in the Windows 2012 R2 machine where the CA Spectrum OneClick web server is running.

When the Spectrum Tomcat service is bounced, the Memory usage goes to normal usage.


CA Spectrum Any


The VMware's Memory Ballooning is causing this behavior.

The OneClickService.exe is not the culprit. As per the Windows Task, it is using less than 1 GB.

And the OneClick Web Server Memory is limited to 2,276 MB.

Downloaded the RamMap utility from to check the memory utilization.

Most of the Memory is allocated to the Driver Locked.

When you bounce the Spectrum Tomcat service, the Driver Locked releases the Memory.



Moved the OneClick VM to another ESX host.

Additional Information

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You can use the TestLimit utility to simulate the memory load.