Need to start/switch CA-1 between different PARMLIB member
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Need to start/switch CA-1 between different PARMLIB member


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When you have several LPARS and there is slight difference in the TMONSMxx parmlib member between LPARS for example, you would like to start CA-1 with the corresponding member.
How can I get TMSINIT to use the System defined symbols variables, to start CA-1 with different options?


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So you to change the TMSINIT procedure to make it working as you would like.
Only 2 lines needs to be added or modified.
Into the TMSINIT PROC, please comment the line with PRMI=
Then just before the TMSINIT EXEC line, insert this line:
// SET NUM=&MZ   MZ is a system symbol variable of 2 characters only. This is important.
Into the line of the EXEC PGM=TMSINIT, change the PARM value to this:
You will then at CA-1 startup select using the system define symbol variable the corresponding TMOSYSxx parmlib member.

Additional Information

This works here only for the TMOSYSxx member but it can be adapt to match whatever the member you would like.
For other options, you can refer to this documentation link: