ESF4984 ESFGX2YY - Load failed
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ESF4984 ESFGX2YY - Load failed


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After upgrade to Spool 12.0 the following error message is occurring:
ESF4984 ESFGX2YY - Load failed                         
ESF4117 Transformer Interface halted (LF)   


Component: CSPOOL


The Java Transformers load library CE0LOAD is missing from the STEPLIB concatenation of the CA Spool started. This is a new library that is created when the CA Spool Transformers option is installed. 
In Spool 12.0, the Transformer Interface (both C and Java versions) have been removed from the base product Pax file and have been moved to their own Pax file.


Download and install the CA Spool Java Transformers that is delivered in their own pax file.
Despite the name that mentions the Java Transformers, this pax file contains both the Java and C Transformers.
This change is documented in the CA Spool 12.0 Release Notes.  
If this product is already installed (in special the FMID CFD2C00) then the load library CE0CLOAD must be added to the STEPLIB concatenation of the CA Spool started task after having been APF authorized.


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